If you have some free time, you should consider fishing. Fishing is relaxing and fun as well. In addition to this, it can save you a trip to the market to get a source of protein in your dinner. For those who are not experienced in fishing, getting the right gear can be tiresome.

Fish is good for your health. It is suitable for those with illnesses and even those who have gone through diagnoses such as an osteoarthritis diagnosis among others. That said, this article gives you some of the equipment you need if you want to start fishing.

A Fishing Rod and Reel

These are slim poles which are flexible and durable. They are used to cast the fishing line in the water. They are long enough to make sure your line goes further in the water. If you are a beginner, you should get a medium strength fishing rod that is responsive enough to help know when your fish is hooked and help you reel it out quickly. A fishing reel is attached to the fishing rod and enables you to pull your fish in. Spinning reels are suitable for shore fishing.

A Fishing Line

A fishing line is a thin line attached to the rod and reel. A fishing line is where the hook and the bait are attached. It should be thin enough not to scare away fish, and very strong to make sure heavy and powerful fish don’t break it.

A Fish Hook

A hook is used to catch a fish by hooking its mouth as it tries to bite the bait. There are different types of hooks, depending on the size of the fish. The size of the hook should also depend on the rod and the line which you are using. There are smaller hooks for catching small fish and larger hooks for catching big fish.


Bait is attached to the hook at the end of the fishing line and is used to attract the fish. For this reason, the best bait is usually live, such as worms or minnows. Other bait includes pieces of hotdog, grubs or squashed bread among others. Bait can be found in fishing shops, or you can easily get your bait elsewhere, whether live or other types. There are also lures that are artificial bait to attract fish.


You use floats to keep your bait close to the surface. When the bait is close to the surface, you usually know if there are any fish which have an interest in it.


You also need sinkers which will make sure your line and bait are not carried away by the water. Sinkers make the line and the bait stable in one area. This enables you to know when the fish is on the hook.

This article has given you details of the gear you need to start fishing. Enjoy your adventure.